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ohmalloy insulated heater wire

Electrical Furnace

OHMALLOY’S iron chrominum aluminum alloy wire can be used for all kinds of high tempature furnace such as electrical furnac, shuttle kiln, laboratory furnace, aluminum metling furnace, car bottom, carburizing furnace, crusible furnace, gas powered furnace, induction furnace, induction metling furnace, vacuum furnace, tempering furnace, muffle furnace, pit furnace, mesh belt furnace, salt bath furnace, oven furnace.

 high tempature furnace

The OHMALLOY’S OCr24Al6 wire work perfectly for the carburizing furnace. It have a very good anti-carburizing ability and can be used for long time. The Al content in OCr24Al6 is more than 5.8% and that will ensure the quality of wire.

The Iron Chrominum Aluminum alloy wire for furnace usually is in oxidized status.  The coil weight can be from 10kg to 30kg. If welding is allowed, the coil weight can reach more than 100kg.