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ohmalloy insulated heater wire

Quality Control

1. Raw material 

a. All supplier provide the mill cert with material.

b. All defected material will be returned to supplier

c. The raw material warehouse check the material every half a month

2. Melting furnace control 

a. Measuring the weight of each metling ignot

b. Do test on the chemical composition test after melting

3. Cold drawing

a. Change the rolling rod and drawing mold if needed

b. All dimension are measured after finishing

4. Annealing

a. Strictly follow the process of temperature and annealing time

b. Making tensile strength test and hardness test after annealing

5. Package

a. Always wooden case or wooden pallet

Spectroanalysis instrument

Hardness Tester

Spectroanalysis instrument
Hardness Tester