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Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in making all kinds of alloy such as high resistance alloy, low-resistance copper nickel alloy, precision alloy, FeCrAl alloy and thermocouple alloy and special stainless steel wire as well as the thermocouple extension cable and RTD cable.


Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd have a full production line from melting, drawing, annealing, stranding for alloy wire, also OHMALLOY have full range of equipment for making cable such as extruding machine, braiding machine, wraping machine and so on.

  • Congratulations to Cu70Zn30 Tape Sent out Successuflly 2017/02/07

    Why choose Cu70Zn30 to make cartridge case?Firstly, the brass is a cheap material for cartridge caseSecondly, the cartridge case should have a certain strength as well as a high temperature resistant,...

  • Annealing 2017/02/07

    Annealing is a rather generalized term. Annealing consists of heating a metal to a specific temperature and then cooling at a rate that will produce a refined microstructure, either fully or partially...

  • Mineral Insulated Heating Cable 2017/02/07

    As per a korea’s special requirment, OHMALLOY finish a kind of heating cable which is mineral insulated cable. Ohmalloy have more than 20 years in producing the PTFE, Mica and PVC insulated cable, bu...

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As a professional alloy wire manufacturer, Ohmalloy have own vaccum furnace and can melt the row material by ourselves.For more production processing of our high quality alloy wire and cable.


Ohmalloy product is widely used in heating equipment, big steel mill, mineral, electrical equipment, food machinery, auto industry, aerospace industry. Our product not only is popular in domestic market, but also been exported to all over the world.

  • Ceramic Pad Heater
  • Coil Heating Element and Bayonets
  • Dynamic Braking Resistor
  • Film Resistor and Wire Wound Resistor
  • Underfloor Heating Cable