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ohmalloy insulated heater wire

Dynamic Braking Resistor

OHMALLOY make the nichrome and fecral alloy wire which can be used for dynamic braking resistor. The power of resistor can be from 60w to 90KW. The special power requirement also is available based on the request.

nichrome wire

Our main wire for dynamic braking resistor is NiCr80/20, NiCr AA ( A little different from NiCr80/20), OCr25Al5.....

fecral alloy wire

The purpose of a dynamic braking resistor is to slow down or to quickly stop a motor by draining excess voltage and keeping it within safe tolerances.

Braking resistors with smaller ohmic values will help motors stop faster but will also dissipate more heat. OHMALLOY’S nichrome wire have the diameter such as 5mm, 6mm. It’s resistance is very small and can be made perfectly for braking resistor.