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ohmalloy insulated heater wire

Ceramic Pad Heater

OHMALLOY’S NiCr80/20 stranded wire and type K thermocouple wire worked perfectly for the ceramic pad heater.

OHMALLOY can make 19 strands, 37 strands bunched wire, also we can make other size if you have speical requirement.

Our type K thermocouple cable have different insulation such as 400 deg c fiberglass, MICA insulation, High temp fiberglass and vitreous silica insulation.

Ceramic Pad Heater
NiCr80/20 stranded wire
type K thermocouple wire for Ceramic Pad Heater

The stock size include 0.523mm*18+0.574mm*1,  0.55mm*19 for stranded wire.  20AWG, 18 AWG for type K cable.