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ohmalloy insulated heater wire

Insulated Resistance Wire

Ohmalloy not only produce the bare resistance wire. It can also provide the resistance wire with insulation as we have 30 years in producing the thermocouple extension cable.

The insulated resistance wire are widely used for standard resistor, automobile parts, room heating.....

Ohmalloy provide the following insulation material:

PVC Insulated resistance wire

PTFE/FEP Insulated resistance wire

Fiberglass Insulated resistance wire

Enameled resistance wire

Silicon rubber Insulated resistance wire.

Type of bare alloy wire as follows:

Copper-nickel alloy wire

Constantan Wire,CuNi1~CuNi44

Ni-Cr Alloy wire

NiCr35/20,NiCr70/30,NiCr60/15,NiCr80/20,NiCr AA

Fe-Cr-Al Alloy wire



Cu-Ni-Mn Alloy wire


Any copper alloy and nickel alloy is available

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