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ohmalloy insulated heater wire

Inconel Alloy Wire

Inconel is a family of austenite nickel-chromium-based superalloys.

Inconel alloy is mainly used  for manufacturing hot end components of engine in aerospace industry, but as it is required in many industries such as gas turbine, energy, chemical engineering, etc as Inconel is a kind of high temperature and corrosion resistant material,. Inconel have high strength under high temperature, with good inoxidizability and corrosion resistance, and pretty fine comprehensive performance (anti-fatigue, plasticity, and long time structure stability), high purity and reliability, So now it become an indispensable essential material for construction of national defense and national economic. And as the technology updated, the Inconel alloy material will be more widely used in more areas.

OHMALLOY have own vaccum furnace and can melt the Inconel alloy by ourself.  The quality of OHMALLOY’s inconel was approved by many Europea clients. Now OHMALLOY have the following four main grade of the inconel alloy.

Inconel 600

Inconel 601

Inconel 625

Inconel X-750

Wire: 0.05 to 12.0 mm .

Rod: As per client’s request

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